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A Father Wins Alternating 50/50 Timeshare One Week On, One Week Off As Sought

I attended a hearing on an Emergency Motion for Pick Up Order of a Child this week, wherein the Wife filed it in order to gain an unfair advantage and control the Husband's time with the child. I filed a subsequent Emergency Motion to Vacate/Dismiss the Order. Both hearings were held on February 26, 2013. The outcome was completely in favor of the Husband/Father. The judge not only gave him back rights to see the child, but when I asked the judge to consider a temporary timesharing plan even though it was not noticed for a hearing until March 20, 2013, and argued that this issue of no order on timesharing was the sole reason the parties were at a hearing, he awarded timesharing and exactly what we were seeking, which was one week on and one week off alternating. The father is elated and pleased and can now rest and relax knowing he has set times to see his child and no longer is under the control and whim of the Wife.