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Blog Posts in July, 2014

Enforcement of Child Support Orders in Florida

In Florida, as elsewhere, the non-payment of child support by a non-custodial parent is considered a uniquely intolerable offense. Therefore, the law provides for a number of serious and creative ...
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No-Fault Divorce in Florida

In 1971, Florida joined a growing the number of states to allow no-fault divorce. Today, under Florida law, divorce (or dissolution of marriage, as the statute calls it) can only be granted for one of ...
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Complying with the Florida Paternity Statute

The issue of paternity —the determination of whether a person is the legal father of a child—may at first seem simple. Florida paternity statutes allow paternity to be established in a ...
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Modifications of Child Custody/Time Sharing Arrangements in Florida

In Florida, child custody determinations—"time-sharing," as it is called—are made based on what is in the "best interests of the child." This is a standard that arises ...
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Florida Courts Reinforce Child Time-Sharing Policy

Florida somewhat uniquely combines several concepts of child custody and visitation into a scheme known as "time-sharing." Essentially, though a post- divorce child may reside with one ...
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Florida Divorce Rate on the Rise

Between 1940 and 1980, the national divorce rate doubled. However—despite common wisdom to the contrary—after 1980, the divorce rate fell dramatically. By 2009, it had dropped by a third, ...
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