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Health Effects to Watch Out For During Divorce

Divorce has surprising health effects of which you might not be aware, but knowing what you may be in for and keeping a close watch will help. Also, hiring an attorney can be helpful in reducing the stress of a divorce in order to keep you healthy.

Compromised Immune System

Your immune system is impacted the most by stress - and divorces are a stressful time. With a compromised immune system, you are more susceptible to colds, influenza, stomach bugs, etc. In addition to hiring an attorney to answer questions and relieve some stress, you can also try some stress relief tactics such as meditation, yoga, or exercise. Additionally, if you do feel yourself becoming sick more than usual, consult your doctor.


Divorce can cause what experts refer to as “secondary insomnia.” This is insomnia that occurs due to a life event. A divorce can occupy your thoughts incessantly, especially at night. This can, in turn, lead to thinking instead of sleeping. Unfortunately, this type of insomnia does not always end when the divorce has completed, and can lead to a longer problem. If you are having this problem, please contact your physician.

Heart Disease

Divorce can increase your risk of heart disease by 20 percent, especially in women. The change in your life can cause stress, anxiety and depression. All of these symptoms affect your heart and can lead to heart disease.

Metabolic Syndrome

A combination of increased blood pressure, intra-abdominal fat around your waist, and high blood sugar can cause metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is also commonly found in people who have depression, which is a symptom of divorce.

Weight Gain

Do you “eat” your feelings? Does the fact that you no longer have to make dinner for five mean that you’re eating out? Are you skipping your gym routine due to your tiredness? Do you feel that you no longer have anything to look good for? Divorce can lead to weight gain. You may not even think you’re gaining weight, but the scale may surprise you one day.

You need to keep yourself healthy during your divorce and keep your daily routines. Keep going to the gym, or if you didn’t go before, try it. You may meet new people there or enjoy a twice-weekly hour taking care of yourself, instead of thinking about your divorce.

Take Care of Yourself and Call Us

You may lose property in a divorce, or time with your children, but you don’t want to lose yourself. You will get through your divorce and your life will continue. You just need to keep yourself healthy during this low period.

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