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How to Enjoy the Holidays While Going Through Divorce

It doesn’t matter what stage of divorce you are in, the process is mentally and emotionally taxing. Many people start feeling the depths of frustration, sadness, and fear when the winter holidays start approaching.

To help you get through the holidays during a divorce, we have provided some helpful tips, which you can find listed below:

1. Give the gift of love to yourself.

Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do throughout every stage of life. Of course, this principle can become crucial when confronted with an emotional battle such as divorce. Rather than dwelling on the divorce and your feelings of loss of love in that aspect, focus on treating yourself with deep love. Whether you take yourself to a nice dinner, go watch a movie alone, or stroll around the park while sipping hot chocolate, take some time to truly understand yourself and your needs. Making yourself feel good about yourself can make the holidays much more enjoyable.

2. Focus on those surrounding you now.

Although your former spouse may not be around for the holidays, you will most likely be surrounded by other loved ones and family members. Instead of dwelling on your current situation, focus on establishing deeper connections with those around you. Take the time to get to know your loved one more. Create relationships that are more meaningful with your children. Laugh about good memories with those who are with you in that very moment.

3. Live in the moment.

Feeling every emotion fully is one of the healthiest things people can do for themselves. If you are feeling sad, let yourself feel that emotion to its fullest degree. By doing so, you remind yourself that it is okay to be human. In addition, it can make the happy moments happier, and the joyful moments more apparent.

4. Create new traditions.

Most marriages come with many traditions, especially around the holidays. During divorce, it is easy to look back at these traditions with a regretful attitude. Instead, do something out of your comfort zone. Take the kids to a neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights and decorations. Invite friends over for an ugly-sweater contest. Spend a day in with your closest family members, watching a marathon of holiday movies.

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