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What Are the Requirements for Divorce?

To initiate a legal dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida, you must first determine your eligibility. There are two types of marriage that you can choose to bring to the courts: simplified ...
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Veterans' Benefits and Alimony in Florida

When handling issues such as alimony, each state has different statutes and laws. How your state deals with these issues can positively or adversely affect you; and understanding the laws in your ...
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Automatic Termination of Alimony Upon Death in Florida

For many types of family law payments, including alimony and child support, there are laws and statutory provisions that govern modifications. Payments as originally conceived are not set in stone, so ...
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Spousal Support Without Divorce in Florida

Occasionally, a unique familial situation arises in which one party seeks support from another without also seeking a divorce. In certain religious contexts, for example, spouses may be uncomfortable ...
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