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Seeking Mediation in FL?

A South Florida Divorce Attorney Can Walk You Through the Process

An increasing number of couples seeking a divorce are using mediation to resolve their differences instead of litigation. The process enables both parties to work together to create agreements regarding the division of their property, alimony, child custody, support and visitation. A divorce mediator is also involved in the process, and provides whatever guidance is needed for the ex-spouses to reach a settlement agreement.

The court generally prefers this approach to a divorce, as it is based on agreed upon compromises. When there are disagreements that can't be sorted out, a judge will decide the terms of the settlement. This can result in court orders that neither party agrees with, which can worsen an already difficult situation.

If you are considering a divorce, contact a South Florida divorce lawyer from our firm to discuss the use of mediation to help you accomplish your divorce objectives.

How Mediation Best Benefits You

Because your case will not be heard before a judge, you can avoid many of the contentious and argumentative battles that can take place during court-processed divorce settlements. Typically, mediation is fairly straightforward and can move the process forward more efficiently.

Here are other added benefits of mediation:

  • Less stress and speeder resolution
  • Saved expense on court and legal fees
  • Can still address visitation and custody matters
  • Can still address property and debt division

In a mediation, the role of the attorney moves from a legal representative to an impartial advisor for to facilitate negotiations. The attorney also handles any necessary documents and paperwork to make sure that these are accurately filled out and turned in by the deadlines. Also, they prepare the final agreements and settlements to be carried out.

In these types of cases, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the role of a mediator. Some attorneys may agree to take on a mediation case, but may not be appropriately suited for the role. It could be because they are more experienced as litigators and do not have the know-how to skillfully handle mediation. That is why is vital that you hire an attorney with expertise in mediation. Our South Florida divorce lawyers are standing by and ready to help!

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Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. is a respected family law firm that provides mediation services to couples that are intending to divorce. Attorneys at our firm are extremely knowledgeable in divorce laws and trained mediators. Creating agreements with your ex-spouse out of court can save you both time and money, and will usually result in greater satisfaction with the outcome of your settlement. Our firm can go over all of the steps involved in the mediation process, and answer any questions you have regarding divorce laws and procedures. We are seasoned legal professionals that will listen carefully to your situation, and help you through the divorce process.

Contact a South Florida divorce attorney for mediation assistance if you are planning to divorce.