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The divorce attorneys at Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. are proud to not only serve the residents of South Florida, but other regions of South Florida as well. Our roots spread wide throughout Florida because of our reputation for excellence and compassion on behalf of all of our clients. Divorce is a difficult issue, and it is our goal to provide the highest quality of legal assistance possible. When considering the possibility of divorce you may not be sure of which direction to turn next. We want you to know that you can trust our firm to eliminate the stress of the divorce process as well as provide knowledgeable legal advice that can get you the case results that you are looking for.

Are you facing the possibility of divorce?

We understand that these can often be complicated issues, which is why our firm exists. It is our goal to clarify this process by keeping our clients informed as well as strike the balance between compassion and aggression. Compassion is necessary because divorce cases can be extremely sensitive. Aggression is also needed at times in order to ensure that our clients are getting the best case results possible. Know that we always fight on behalf of our clients in order to ensure that the right decision is landed on. Whether you are going through property division issues, child support or some other area related to divorce, Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. is here to provide you with the legal service that you need during this time. We proudly offer these services to individuals in:

If you live in any one of these or a surrounding area then please feel free to get in touch with an attorney from our firm today. A South Florida divorce lawyer from our firm will be available to take your call and speak with you about your situation. Once we know a little more about you, we can discuss which steps to take next. We will guide you through the entire process so that you never have to feel like you are out of control. We want you to have a successful outcome to your divorce case and will fight to see that you get it.

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