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South Florida Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Payments

Are you a parent that is intending to divorce? Contact a South Florida divorce lawyer at Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. to discuss your situation at length and what you hope to achieve in areas such as child custody and support. If you will be the primary time-sharing parent, a family law attorney at our office can explain your options and how to go about seeking the child support you need. If your ex-spouse has disagreements about the payment of support or the amount that you are asking for, the matter may need to be addressed in court. Before a judge makes any decisions regarding support, several factors will be considered, including:

  • Which parent will be the primary time-sharing parent
  • How much income each parent earns
  • The assets and financial resources of each parent

The calculations used to establish support amounts will be based on each parent's income. If one of the spouse's is also paying alimony, that will be taken into consideration as well. Because of the serious penalties for failing to comply with a child support court order, both parents should strive to work out an acceptable agreement that will be followed. This is also in the best interests of the child, as support disputes, non-payment of support and other related situations can have a damaging effect on a child's relationship with his or her parents.

Child Support Attorney in South Florida

An attorney can play a key role in helping a couple dissolve their marriage as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to providing legal advice regarding the divorce process, a family lawyer will work to resolve divorce issues out of court, which can be extremely beneficial to a couple that wants to avoid litigation. Our firm offers clients the professional and caring support needed during a divorce, and will do everything we can to make the transition you are going through as smooth as possible. We also know your child's welfare is important, and will keep their needs paramount throughout your case.

Contact a South Florida child support lawyer for skilled legal advice if you are divorcing and will be seeking child support.