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Modifications in South Florida

Modifying a Divorce Agreement

After a settlement has been reached in a divorce, there can be changes in circumstances that require the modification of a divorce-related agreement. In cases involving child support, this can include:

  • A minor child reaching adulthood
  • Remarriage
  • The loss of a job or reduction in income

There may be similar circumstances that prompt a change in alimony payments. A modification petition must be submitted and approved by the court before any changes to a divorce settlement can be made. A South Florida divorce attorney can give you advice on how to pursue a modification, and provide representation at your modification hearing. Because changes to a settlement can have both short and long-term consequences, legal counsel regarding the proposed modification can be extremely valuable.

Divorce Lawyer in South Florida

Are you seeking a change to your divorce agreement? Divorce settlements can be modified when there has been a change in circumstances, such as a significant increase or decrease in income. A modification can also be contested. Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. is a knowledgeable family law firm that can help you modify a divorce agreement or challenge a modification that is being proposed by your ex-spouse. Effective representation in any post-divorce matter can have a significant bearing on the outcome of the situation that is being addressed. We can provide the legal counsel that will be needed when pursuing a modification, and ensure your rights are protected.

Contact a South Florida divorce attorney for qualified legal advice if you are considering modifying a divorce agreement.