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South Florida Property Division

The Equitable Distribution of Assets in a Divorce

Ending a marriage can be difficult due to the numerous issues that will need to be resolved. One of the most important agreements that must be worked out is how your marital property will be divided. There are various state laws that apply to asset division, and are used as guidance when identifying, valuing and distributing the property accumulated during your marriage. Also keep in mind that that the process includes the distribution of any debts or liabilities that were acquired throughout the marriage as well. In cases involving high net worth individuals, the division of property can be complex and arduous, especially when a spouse attempts to hide assets. A South Florida divorce lawyer should be consulted if you are intending to divorce to discuss how your property can be fairly and equitably distributed. Seeking counsel from a knowledgeable family attorney will help avoid an unwanted division of property and seek to reach a fair settlement.

Divorce Attorney in South Florida

The division of property in divorce will include any assets acquired during the course of the marriage, such as:

  • Real property
  • Investment property
  • Motor vehicles (cars, boats, etc.)
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Bank accounts
  • Household furnishing
  • Jewelry, artwork and collectibles
  • Business

A family law attorney at Hager, Schwartz & Ross, P.A. can guide you through all of the steps involved in the asset division process, and help negotiate agreements that will seek your future financial stability. If your divorce is contested, we will make sure that your interests are represented at your hearing.

Contact a South Florida divorce lawyer for trusted legal advice if you plan to divorce.