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Blog Posts in 2013

Mediaton in Family Law Case

What is Mediation and how does it work? Mediation is an informal process by which both parties can come together with an impartial third party that can assist them in coming to a non-litigated ...
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Relocation in Florida

Relocation is defined by statute as a change in the location of the principal resident of a parent or other person from his or her principal place of residence at the time of the last order ...
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Filing Your Financial Affidavit

One of the first steps toward a dissolution of marriage is the required filing of a financial affidavit. After your attorney takes your case, he or she will provide you with this form to fill out and ...
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Fathers have rights to fifty-fifty timesharing

There is an assumption that fathers have fewer rights than mothers when the parties have not been married, and initially this is true, however, if there is a paternity action filed and timesharing is ...
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About Parenting Courses in Florida

If you are a Florida resident dealing with divorce, domestic violence, or remarriage and there are children involved, then you may want to take advantage of the state parenting courses that are ...
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A Father Wins Alternating 50/50 Timeshare One Week On, One Week Off As Sought

I attended a hearing on an Emergency Motion for Pick Up Order of a Child this week, wherein the Wife filed it in order to gain an unfair advantage and control the Husband's time with the child. I ...
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