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Divorce Selfies Go Viral

A search for #divorceselfie on Instagram produces a long list of results showing couples who have just dissolved their marriages. What might seem odd to some, though, is the fact that the couples seem ecstatic, and the hashtags are unmistakably optimistic even as they refer to what can be a rather touchy subject. Why would anyone be excited about a divorce?

The answer? Divorce, and the way people perceive it, is changing.

Couples posting divorce selfies - including one Canadian couple’s that accumulated over 30,000 shares - are actively redefining divorce. Divorce no longer has to be seen as a source of shame or a scornful battle, but rather as an amicable, natural point of transition. Marriage, which has traditionally been viewed as an all-fulfilling, immutable partnership, is now much more loosely defined as couples begin to discover that divorce can actually be better for their relationship with their partner. A positive split can also have tremendous benefits for parents who are willing to share custody and parenting responsibilities.

Marriage no longer has to be considered a “trap” for unhappy people, and divorce is not a tragedy. Rather, married couples are finding divorce to be a way in which they can acknowledge the benefits of their time together, and yet still forge their own paths when “forever” didn’t exactly go as planned.

Part of why this idea is taking off so quickly is because people are slowly realizing that marriage is not the only viable type of family or relationship structure, and that happiness isn’t determined by marital status.

As this philosophy continues to grow, divorce will lose some of the stigma it has held for so long. People who choose to divorce are not bad people, nor is their decision one that is motivated by a desire to disrupt the fabric of society or the “natural order” of relationships. Rather, people may soon discover that divorce can actually improve their relationships as well as foster potential for their own futures.

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